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SureFire flashlights are the world’s best, brightest and most compact flashlights – period.  Each SureFire flashlight is designed, tested and manufactured in the UNITED STATES to mil-spec standards.

These flashlights have been run over by cars, stopped bullets and taken hits from RPGs, yet continued to shine! Pilots, law enforcement and other professionals demand this kind of reliability – and Lumens Flashlights delivers!
As a Lieutenant Colonel in our Armed Forces and 25-year pilot, I’ve had the privilege of using the finest made equipment (besides just flashlights) on earth. Cutting edge, high-tech stuff that’s truly amazing.

And when I first tried a SureFire flashlight 16 years ago, it was just as cutting edge then as it is today. In the world of flashlights, I knew I had found “The One”.  Simply put, nothing comes close.

On my trips to SureFire’s manufacturing facilities in California, I’m continually awed at the professionalism and attention to detail that goes into creating each SureFire flashlight. And who can’t help but admire a flashlight company whose buyers have stories such as the following:

Like the hunter whose 22 rifle went off accidentally, only to be saved when the bullet struck the SureFire flashlight he had in his pocket…

Or the police officer whose SureFire 8NX Commander was accidentally lost in the San Antonio River, only to be recovered and still in working order 9 months later!

Or how about the Marine whose Humvee was hit by an RPG. Though his M-4 Carbine was destroyed, his SureFire Weapon Light continued to work! (Thankfully, none of these Marines were seriously injured)

We at Lumens Flashlights carry ONLY SureFire flashlights because we believe none better exist.

We’re confident when you buy a SureFire flashlight, you’ll ultimately save in the long run – it’ll be the “illumination tool” that you’ll never need to replace.  Take a moment and browse through Lumens Flashlights’ online store and discover the best of SureFire flashlights.

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