Smart tips on hiring a second hand fridge for your food business

An important aspect in running a food business is keeping your products fresh and in good condition to be sold or serve to your customers. Thus, you should not skimp on getting a second hand drinks fridge and any other type of freezer that you might need.


second hand drinks fridge


However, you cannot just pick any type of cold storage solution out there. You should make sure to hire the right one, so you can implement efficiency in your business.

Here are tips that you can pick up:

  • Consider the best fridge for the type of business you have.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a fridge is whether it can satisfy your requirements.

You should select something that fits your business. For example, if you are selling beverages, then you should go for a second hand drinks fridge for hire. On the other hand, if you are processing meat products in huge volumes, then a cold room is the solution you need.

Other types of commercial refrigerators that you might need are reach-in coolers, walk-in coolers, undercounter refrigerators, refrigerated prep tables, merchandising units, and bar refrigerators.

  • Select something that is visually appealing.

This is essentially true when you are displaying your products directly to your customers. After all, you would want to attract customers, wouldn’t you?

Therefore, if you are selling beverages, you should choose a second hand drinks fridge that can catch the attention of customers. Better yet, it should complement the existing design of your store.

  • Do not forget to take measurements.

No matter what freezer space for rent you choose, you should make sure it has the right fit.

As a result, before you head out to shop for a fridge, you should take measurements first. Measure the space where you will be placing your fridge. Also, you should not forget to measure your entry points too. These can include your front entrance, hallway, kitchen door, and so on.

This way, you can assure yourself that the unit will perfectly squeeze into place.

  • Factor in the cost of using a commercial refrigerator.

Another important factor to consider when you hire freezer is the cost of running the machine. How much power it is going to consume depends on the model you are going to choose. Choosing one that is too large for your store might just unnecessarily inflate your power bills.

However, you can always ask about the energy rating of a unit to know how energy efficient it is.

Hire your fridge from Cold Display Solutions

It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a hotel, running a kitchen, using a food truck, catering for an event, or anything in between. If you’re in the business of preparing or selling food, you’re going to need a long or short term fridge hire to meet your needs.

Now, for the best cold storage solutions that will fit your business, you can check out Cold Display Solutions. Whether you are running a small food business or a large multinational restaurant, they have the right product for your requirements.

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