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Redefine your Melboune bathroom with these oozing makeover ideas

This year, have you thought about starting something new in your Melbourne home? How about finally doing that long-overdue bathroom renovation you’ve been putting on hold? Make yourself productive by doing the bathroom renovation on your own or if you are not so confident of your skill, hire experts in bathroom renovations to complete the task for you.


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What is the most important part of your bathroom that you really want to change? For some, it’s the shower or bathtub. Others would opt to change the bathroom colour in favour of 2019’s colour of the year. Isn’t it Living Coral as suggested by the Pantone Color Institute?

So if you want to join the trend and transform your bathroom for that happy and carefree vibe, consult bathroom renovations contractors to help you achieve your 2019 bathroom.

Below are other ideas you could also try if you are adventurous and willing to do the renovations yourself:

1. Choose the right colour — As mentioned above, transform that dull and dreary bathroom into a warm and happy place. Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean you should downplay its significance in your home. Repainting your bathroom is thought to be the easiest makeover any homeowner can accomplish. But if you want to ensure quality work, hire experts in bathroom renovations for your peace of mind.

2. Choose the right faucet — As simple as changing your faucet can do wonders to your bathroom’s look and feel. Have you been craving for brass faucets lately? Indulge your fantasies and start looking for bargain pieces that fit your desired theme. See more MW Homes

You can also visit your nearest hardware store for a wide range of choices for bathroom fittings. Who knows what hidden gems you may discover there? You might even find the perfect stuff you can use for your upcoming kitchen renovations Melbourne builders offer. You can start preparing for your next home makeover project especially if you find discounted pieces on sale.

3. Choose the appropriate light fittings — Good lighting can upgrade the look of your bathroom from drab to fab in seconds! Do you want to achieve that cozy and warm bathroom vibe? Head out to the nearest hardware store and pick the right light fitting you can find. Do you want a chic and shabby bathroom or a contemporary look? You can either have droplights, alcove lights or chandeliers that are perfect for bathroom use.

If you are not sure which fittings are perfect for your bathroom, talk to experts in bathroom renovations. Chances are, they can also recommend ideal light fittings for your kitchen or laundry area. Most contractors for bathroom renovations are also experts in laundry or kitchen makeovers so it’s like hitting two birds in one stone.

These are just a few ideas you can try when planning your bathroom renovations. You can also take note of these pointers when doing other renovations like kitchen makeovers Melbourne builders offer, for instance. From changing your colour theme down to selecting the right faucets and light fittings, these tips can help you out. For more bathroom renovation ideas, check out www.mwhomes.com.au today.



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