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A look at important horse riding gears

A research published in the international journal of exercise science on www.tacsm.org outlines the many benefits of horse riding activities to the human body. It is for this reason that people are encouraged to participate in activities such as these. However, just like in any other sport, horse riding too requires that your wear the proper gear before engaging in the activity. This is not only for formality but for the safety of the rider as well the horse. Horse riding shirts, helmets, socks are some of the things that people have to come prepared with before attempting to do anything. This article takes a look at some of the important horse riding gears that every person interested in the sport should have.

Have a helmet

The helmet is worn on the head of the rider to ensure maximum safety. They come at a very affordable pricing and are available in lightweight options as well. Thus nobody should have an excuse for not having this in their possession. They are very fundamental in the event of accidents; especially as they will help to shield against any injury. In fact, no one is exempted on the basis of skill because even the best horses too are prone to falling and tripping.

Horse riding shirts

There are many horse riding shirts available for choice ranging from western bling show shirts to the traditional English show shirts. The material for most of the shirts though is such that they are wicking, breathable as well as performance fabrics. Additionally, there is a plethora of riding jackets, hoodies, among other weather proof gears best for time in the saddle.

Socks, boots and gloves

Most of the time, it’s the style of riding that will be the determinant factor of horse riding boots that you will be getting. There is a wide array of cowboy boots, paddock boots, lightweight boots that look like sneakers, hiking boots among other shoes. Cowboy boots get preferred by most western riders while English riders have a preference for paddock and the hiking boots are for the endurance riders. When it comes to deciding on the socks, the height of the boots will determine the same. As for the riding gloves, they can be instrumental in helping with the grip on the reins.

Horse gear for the horse

The horse itself also needs gear to function properly. While they are extensive, there are common ones. One is the halters and leads. The leads allow the horse to have more drifted if they want to move their feet. Also some are used to show the communication level of the rider and horse. Saddles too are one of the most important gears for horses that ensure that the rider is at balance as they secure on  horse and then distribute the weight evenly flown their back. Thus, it can carry a person for a long time.

Horse riding shirts are just some of the horse riding gears fundamental for a great horse ride experience but there are many other options as well. Visit http://www.equestriancentral.co.nz for such options.

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