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4 Benefits to Hiring Contaminated Land Health Management Services

Typically the work of occupational health specialists, contaminated land health management is the best solution to controlling and decontaminating sites that have been affected by hazardous wastes and chemicals. Not known to many, contamination is actually a human activity and is largely a result of an error in the management of wastes and other chemical substances. However, in rare cases, this does happen deliberately as well.

Contamination can happen anywhere, but mostly in areas that are used for chemically intensive agriculture or heavy industry and manufacture. Although residential properties are not usually sites for huge chemical usage, there are still instances where such intervention is needed.

Especially when the chemicals are known to pose potential health hazards, contaminated land health management will help reduce the risk of illness such as respiratory diseases and skin allergies. Furthermore, occupational health specialists can also help you in other ways such as those mentioned below.


Generally speaking, a land containing substances that pose a serious threat to a person’s health is considered contaminated. Therefore, remediation is immediately required and is subject to a range of regulatory requirements as stated by the law.

Not only does this ensure the safety of your employees but also the general public as well. Furthermore, enforcing environmental obligations and responsibilities as an industry will keep your property in the land registry and mark you as compliant with statutes required for operation.


Employment health assessment is obligatory to ensure that illnesses due to contamination are mitigated or immediately addressed. This is done routinely and usually through an intermediary clinic.

On-site health assessment, on the other hand, at the company’s grounds and is performed whenever an employee needs immediate individual attention from a qualified health professional. The purpose is to quickly identify, assess, and target any critical health issues that may occur at work.

The health check services would typically include internal promotion and programme management. Furthermore, all health assessments and consultations are delivered by medical professionals with sessions that are confidential and private. This is to ensure that employees get motivated to share information, which can help kick-start changes in their overall well-being. Resile


Contaminated land health management helps companies that deal with chemicals and hazardous wastes reduce financial risks by lessening the number of employees who are getting sick and increasing their performance levels. Furthermore, this can also protect the reputation of companies from being tarnished because of controversy.


Through the medical review services offered by occupational health specialists, errors in documentation and billing are reduced dramatically. Furthermore, since records are audited properly, this also minimises legal responsibilities that may arise because of contamination whilst ensuring that the company is compliant with government regulations.

Health management is a complex area which most employers find confusing. However, the environmental and occupational physicians such as those at Resile can help you through cost-efficient and scientifically-factual means of controlling and managing wastes and contamination. Therefore, ensuring you of a healthy and safe workplace for your employees.

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